WHO are we?

 Mer -Seas is a Canadian based company with a dedicated team of enthusiastic, bilingual, and reliable agents.

what can you expect?

Our shipments include a variety of high quality seafood products, such as lobster, oyster, shellfish, and shrimp.

We pride ourselves in our temperature monitoring system, which guarantees the delivery of the freshest seafood in the world. 

how DO we DO IT? 

As one of Canadas leading transporting experts with over 11 years experience, our specialty is the import and export of fresh, live, and freeze dried seafood. We also work in domestic and international trade, dealing with a wide array of products from different sources.


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Thanks to our outstanding global coverage and expertise, we provide end to end weekly services to locations around the world. 

About us
About us
About Us
About Us

We pride ourselves in our vast knowledge in our field of expertise. As specialists in exportation and importation, we understand the importance of preserving the condition of your cargo while ensuring your goods arrive safely at their destination.